Palisades Park,New Jersey

I was pickpocketed in Aldi--when I requested a review of the videos, they were slow to react. Took multiple phone calls and then the admin to some bigwig in MN was quite rude.....It is unfortunate because overall Aldi is a good retailer--but this experience has made me rethink shopping there.

The police said that outher grocery stores have procedures in place---but unfortunately Aldi does not. The security at Aldi if only for Aldi---not for their customers---The $200 I lost would go a long way at a full-service grocery store--and that is where I will shop in hte future.

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The only way someone as illiterate as you could have had $200 on you was through something illegal, selling your body, selling drugs, stealing the money yourself. I bet the real reason you are angry is because you stole the money from the "thief" and they just took it back. You were the one stealing.


$200 is nothing? If $200 is nothing to you, why would you shop at a discount store?

I'm a college student with a part time job and if I had $200 stolen from me, it'd be pretty tough.

But no matter how much the amount was I think the point here is that the situation should have never happened and Aldi should have willingly given up their security footage.


$200? Write and complain when you have something to complain about.

$200 is nothing now-a-days. You might as well have said they took your pocket lint.


You could have used the $200 to buy Hooked-on-Phonics.

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