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CORRECTION - Date should read 6th Aug not 7th July.

Update by user Aug 07, 2013

My apologies for the typos and odd spelling mistake, cannot edit once posted.

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Yesterday evening, 7th July at around 7pm, I was near the cooked meats at the Fleetwood Aldi. I was horrified to see a young member of staff sorting out a large box of vacuum packed sliced ham on the floor.

She took packs out of the box they were in and scattered them across the floor as she sorted them, by sell by date, placing them back in the box and then back onto the shelf. When I finally got to the checkout I complained to the store manager whom just happened to be stood nearby. I expected the store manager to appologise and say she would speak to the girl and that this was not normal practise. However, the store manager defended this action by stating that the floor was clean.

I insisted that it was not clean, especially after a full day of shopping traffic. To my surprise she still defended this action. The area manager came over and he to didn't seem to understand the problem and was more concerned about the fact that I was complaining about something than the details of the complaint itself. Neither one of them oppolgised and treated me like a trouble maker.

This is not the first time I have witnessed this dsgusting ptactice, a few months earlier I witnessed a staff member in the Thornton-Cleveleys branch stood sorting a pile of bread rolls onthe floor. Considering the fact that I have been in Aldi maybe only five times and seen this type of thing, then it must be happing regularly. I do like Aldi and there products but this type of thing is a serious breach of the government food handling regulations.

If it continues then I intend to capture them on video and upload it to Youtube just to get something done about it. I wouldn't be surprised if this also occurs in other supermarket chains.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

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Remember that when you have everyone putting their Butts on the bagging counter the floor is probably cleaner and when asked not to sit on them people give you dirty looks and rudeness even though we have a sign that says not to


The hams were vacuum packed, how was the fact that they were being laid out on the floor going to contaminate the meat, itself. Basically the same goes for anything that is packaged.

You might be horribly surprised where food products have been before they get packaged.


“Imagine picking up a packet of ham that had been on the floor where a shopper had stood with dog muck on their shoes. You would take this home and place it in your fridge and be none the wiser. Later you would wash your hands, open the fridge remove the ham and make some lovely dog *** sandwiches.”

Do you work for Aldi?

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