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Today was my first and last experience with Aldi. I went to the new Aldi store in Richardson, Texas. At first I was a little disappointed with the lack of selection. However, the store offered a lot of bargains. So I was under the impression that I had made a good choice in deciding to give Aldi a try.

Upon leaving there was two long lines, therefore a man working the registers removed the closed sign on the end checkout and directed me to that lane. Two elderly ladies who where behind me also followed. While there was no cashier on the checkout lane I started unloading all my groceries. And patiently waited for a cashier...and waited, and waited.

The same man then opened the lane on the opposite side, and didn't think it was necessary to tell me that the lane he directed me to wasn't going to be opened. Eventually it was obvious that no cashier was coming to the lane I was in, so me and the two elderly ladies behind me packed up all our groceries and moved into another lane. A nice casher in the lane next to me helped me move all my groceries. After checking out I asked the casher who the man was who directed me to an empty lane was.

I was totally surprised to find out it was the manager of the store. I then proceed to talk to him, not expecting much, maybe a small apology for directing me to a lane and then never sending a cashier to that lane. But instead he insisted that he didn't remove the closed sign off the lane and take me out of the line, to have me wait in a dead line. I was shocked! And he did this in front of his employees who had witnessed everything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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Rachel, i am a aldi employee, the manager was wrong in all ways if he said he was going to open a lane and didn't. As to the statement by WAKE UP!

they need to wake up their selfs. Yes aldi does have high standards but the customers always come first. If it was not for you guys we would not have a job.

There is no reason you had to experince that. The mangager should have opened the lane and helped check.


Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; HONESTY.

The Aldi Richardson store manager passed me 4-5 times while I patiently waited in the deadline he directed me to. He made direct eye contact with me, and noticed me waving at him. All he had to do was tell me the line was not going to be opened.

I understand how busy store managers are, however I have a problem with people lying directly to my face.


:( If you folks haven't noticed yet, Aldi is unlike your overpriced supermarket. The manager and maybe one cashier are on duty at any given time.

THe store managers are expected to run the store, keep it stocked, ring a register and listen to whiney customers just like you complain cause they had to wait an extra minute or goet caught up in some confusion.

Tell ya what, go back to the overpriced market, wait in line still and get a free bag to boot.

You have NO IDEA what it is like to work for this company and it's demanding productivity and standards. So if you don't like it....go to friggin' Walmart!


I'd be pissed off too if someone did that to me. I actually went there and got double charged for something yesterday, so I hope they don't hassle me about it. It's $6.99 too (cashier must have double rang it)....but after reading some of these posts, I suppose they might think I am a thief and lying too.


What's the longest you've ever waited in a dead line? Actually the elderly ladies behind me started moving first. But I believed the store manager when he told me he was opening the line, I guess i'm impatient and gullible.


Someone needs to grow up and be patient.

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