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So the thing about Aldi is that they have good ideas in helping to cut costs to their customers. The cart idea is the best because people dont leave their carts every where they are always brought back by customers.

You dont rent a car its more like they loan you a cart because you will get your money back. Also the no bag thing- genius! It also helps cut costs that are put on the customer. Every store charges for bags you just dont know it.

The price of the bags is incorporated into your items anyway. And its a good way to recycle. If you dont want to buy bags then dont. Carry your things or use boxes we give them out free of charge and prob solved.

They have less cashiers and each will have to do three jobs in one while they are clocked in. So customers should be more understanding and nicer to these people because they wrk their butts off for you the customer and usually u guys are the people that are mean and rude. These people get over wrkd and takn advantage of by management and upper management. I use to wrk at an aldi for 2 yrs i quit.

I needed the job because i was a single mom and noticed at our store and neighbooring stores they hired alot of single mothers. I think its because they knew we needed the job. I couldnt take the abuse anymore. Sometimes i would feel like crying while wrkn.

They make you do so much wrk its overwhelming. The hours were ridiculous. The way yyou were treated was worst. Nothing no pay is worth being treated like you dont matter at all.

If you were sick or your kid was sick you still had to come into wrk. During inventory ive came out of wrk after 2am after wrkn my 8 hour day earlier the same day. Id go home for a couple hours and be back at 5 and have got stuck there till after 2am. This isnt ok.

They treat their employees really negatively and their customers also. But the employees and management are put under so much pressure and given so much responsibility customers dont understand how we are being treated and they come in and treat us rudely also well what do you expect. Before you decide to talk about peoples attitudes at wrk u need to consider the way we have been treated. There was an old management person in my store who freaked out lost it one day she couldnt take it anymore she had a mental break dwn.

Do u know what it feels like to be under pressure like that. If you took a job there u would know what really happens. Aldi cares vry little about their employees if u think they dont care about u at all as a customer imagine the way we have been treated. alot of customer im sry u guys are spoiled and mean.

You get mad about the bags about the carts about employees. Its not that hard to learn a new routine. Ur use to reg stores but aldi isnt a reg store and if u like saving there u should also just get w the program. Once u get use to the way the store runs u should have no prob or create a prob for anyone else.

The prob is u want to stop by and save money but want ur experience to be like going to stop and shop. Its not the same. Shop where you feel comfortable and if u dont then dont shop there.

Idk about the rude employees in other places but i have to say in our Ct stores the people are pretty curteous to customers. We have alot of regulars and we love em all n they love Aldi.

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