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If customer service is appreciated, then don't waste time shopping at Aldi. No hand-carried baskets!

Aldi's business model prohibits the use of hand-carried shopping baskets. Apparently, Aldi wants to discourage customers who only want to purchase a few items from shopping there. So if you're a senior or single and don't need to fill up a shopping cart, find another place to shop. If you do want to use a shopping cart, don't forget to bring a quarter.

The carts are changed up out front and you'll need a quarter to use one.

I'll continue to shop and spend my money at an American owned market where normal American expectations are understood. When I was there in Palm Springs on a Friday morning, the place was empty!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Oh for God's sake - get a grip on yourself.


I don't think you understand the concept. Bring your own bag and fill it, take it to the check out and pay.

This is a no frills EDLP type retailer. No need to bash them due to your lack of understanding the concept.


Aldi has been in America for at least fifteen years, and thriving. Your petty expectations aren't "American", they are entitled.

Some of us like that we can shop somewhere without the frills of a full service grocery store and spend half the money because of that. If you need someone kissing your butt all the time, go somewhere else.


I shop at the West Plains, MO Aldi almost exclusively. When I need only a few things, I use a cloth shopping bag (purchased there but could be any cloth bag) to hold my items. Anyone who shops Aldi KNOWS that they will need a quarter for a cart, but to be frank, that is seldom needed as others pass their carts on with a smile, and a "have a nice day." The quarter is a small price to pay to avoid shopping carts scattered around the parking lots, filling spaces, denting doors.

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