Not sure what all the white noise is about? ALDI Grocery doesn't pretend that they're competing with full service grocery stores and all the under one roof departments. It is what it is!

If you have been to Europe it's a similar shopping experience. I like that I get what I need without having to walk around a canned soda display, or trip over tables that are filled with frozen bake off. The limited selection lowers the prices, and if you're on a tight budget the savings add up. Where else are you going to get a dozen large eggs for .98!

It's all about personal preference. I really think the public needs to relax when using social media. Everyone is too quick to write a negative review about a retail store experience just because the corn on the cobb wasn't perfect. Well that's nature folks! Everyone has capability to shop at a different store that they do like.

Also, the employees aren't rude. They are young people doing their first job like everyone else has done at one time. Just because they haven't had a lot of experience working with the public doesn't mean they are dismissive of the customer. They need training that is the store manager responsibility. The store staff reflects the culture management creates or promotes. The manager is the person that needs to be pro-active solving customer issues that transpire in the store.

I have overheard too many people yelling at the cahier about something they have no control over. It’s simple, if you encounter a problem when shopping at any store ask to speak with a manager. If they don’t resolve what happen find out who the district manager is then contact them to fix it. If they don't respond go to the CEO of the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Food Store Facility.

Reason of review: Good quality.

  • Good Prices
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