Melbourne, Victoria

aldi their fruit and veg goes off much quicker than thay did,. thay start to rot in the fridge after a few days ,.and i have been shopping their for years,.

sorry,. i now buy them else where,.thay use to be so fresh??

batemans bay,n.s.w. please go back to your nice fresh stock thanks,.ok well i find that i am very happy with all the other produce ,and i find the staff very plesant and very helpful,.i get most of every thing that i need their,.and i love the specials that thay have,.some fantastic itams

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Aldi bananas are absolutely horrible. I would often peel a normal looking banana purchased from Aldi and find half of the flesh is dark brown, and throw it away.

I've bought bananas over the years from many different grocery stores, and none have ever come close to the poor quality of Aldi bananas. Why does Aldi wrap their bananas inside of poly bags, when everyone else sells their bananas unwrapped?

Anyone schooled in Food Science knows that enclosing a bunch of bananas in a bag just hastens spoilage. I once complained to the local Aldi manager about this, he said "You shouldn't have bought them." Yeah right, you shouldn't have sold them.


yall kidding me i got all my food there nd yall gonna say this like yall attitude adjusment like *** RT like get chu name out the gutttter smhuck


By the looks of things, you have about a 3rd grade education at most. Aldi does not refrigerate or spray their produce with cold water to keep them fresh, because this would cost us money.

We as a company try to keep our costs down so we make a larger profit. Glad you're getting better quality elsewhere, we're considering discontinuing our produce anyway.

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