Scranton, Pennsylvania

One of the employees at the Pittston, PA Aldi store has a nasty habit of cracking her chewing gum.

My ears are super sensitive to these high frequency cracking sounds to the point that I can't concentrate or think rationally.

I confronted her about her rude habit. When I told her how her cracking noises drive me crazy, she indicated that she did not care about my discomfort.

In my opinion this person is not qualified to be dealing direct with the customers. She should be put in the stock room or some other remote area where she can crack her brains out. (If she has any)

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Lady i dont think anyone cares about ur sensitive hearing. Just look urself up in an old folks home and call it a day.

If noise bothers u just end it for urself already. If i knew this habit bothered u and u came into my store id keep a pack a gum in the till for you everytime u came in.u entitled people make me sick.

Gum annoys u. And im sure u somehow annoy this cashier as ***.


You sound like a very rude person who thinks that they can tell other people what to do.


scranton? have you seen Michael Scott around? lol.


You should have broken her nose! Have you ever noyiced that most of the gum chewers are GIRLS!

They get all sexed up with vasaline saturated lips, over bleached teeth and pop what seems to be a pack of green chewing gum in their SEXY mouths. I love when they smile and there's this big green gob there.

No class. But who cares- they can be as obnoxious as they want- the boys will sex them anyway.

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