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I was at the register after a great day. No smile, I had to greet him.

Then he made a deal about grabbing another bag, had a sarcastic arrogant tone and made a fuss to the customers when my card declined! Said you get in the other line this could take a while ( it took 30 seconds to transfer money ! ) Thanks for ruining a great day and humiliating me to others!! I spent a fortune and I Was excited about all my new purchases .

But that changed quickly - I am not a regular customer and do not intend to be returning to be treated so badly . Not cool.

We would have lost our jobs in our retail days if we treated a customer with such attitude! We understood that the " customer paid out wages " A smile and a greeting goes along way.

Review about: Aldi Grocery Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Really, you were humiliated. What about holding up the line of people behind you?

Did you not realize you needed money in your account to pay for your groceries? Oh that's right you are probably so charming you can just stroll through with your ray of sunshine attitude! Why would you try to get these hard working people in trouble for your own mistake?

Get a life. You should be ashamed , you only embarrassed yourself.


" jobs in our retail days"

That's the problem with you old turtles, this isn't back in the day. This is now.

There is no nostalgia to this thing.

This is the 21st century where people are paid the lowest amount a company can get away with while demanding more.

This isn't a department store from Miracle on 34th St. You have people who have been beaten down over the past decade as they watched jobs off shored while CEO's collect big money.

This is because of the way you choose to vote.

People who invoke memories of back in the day instead of current realities.

You're not going to be greeted with a sincere smile until companies start to take care of their people. You can say you're going somewhere else but it's the same all around. P.S.

You should have had money on your card when you went shopping. You knew you would be buying something.


"...Was excited about all my new purchases"

would never expect to see that comment refering to a groc store!!

to Anonymous #1384604

Maybe Aldi sells condoms?

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