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ALDI/HAPPY FARMS: THE PLASTIC WRAP AROUND EACH STRING CHEESE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO OPEN WITH EASE. Separating the two sides is impossible because the top is often sealed.

A simple correction in the machinery could make it so EASY. Aldi: Call an acknowledgement that you're responding. I'm Harlan Johnson 815-494-5666 or contact me at I love Aldi - generally great food, including the Happy Farms cheese, but the packaging gives me a strong incentive to purchase a competing brand.

Probably at a different grocery store. The packaging machine should have one side of the wrap be shorter than the other so it will be very easy to separate both sides and simply pull them apart. Viola! Seriously, Aldi: Contact me!

By the way, we need another store in the 61102 zip code. Build one!

Reason of review: PACKAGING.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Happy farms string cheese packaging is bad.

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Use a tool ; kitchen shears can get past anything. Cleaner, simpler, more accurate.

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