Louisville, Kentucky

I have been shopping ALDI'S almost exclusively since day one.

I have bought blueberries ( frozen) every week. Since they put those organic ones in, they are Awful. It is like eating cardboard!

Also while I am griping YOUR tuna fish is terrible. There sure is no tuna it is all water.

Most of the things I get at ALDI'S I like . The prices are going up at a fast rate.

Grapes went from 1.78 to 3.99 in one week . Everyone I know stopped buying them completly. I think you should limit the items you can buy on sale. I see people with carts full of milk.

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Yes, I know what you mean about those frozen cardboard blueberries - horrible. They do let you return stuff, but seriously, how did these even get past quality control?


People would take you more seriously if you were telling the truth, there is tuna in the can, n0t much but some.


I used to work at Aldi, if you didn't realize the 1.78 was for one pound and 3.99 is for 2lbs you are simply and ***.


First of all, because of the recent droughts prices have gone up every where, most places have posted signs in reference to the price increases even (Aldi). I am a loyal Aldi shopper and will admit I don't care for everything. But what I do like out weigh my dislikes. I have purchased things that spoiled the next day, or within a few days. I returned them to the store without any hassle. I purchased a none food item that broke, I no longer had the receipt but I was still able to return it with no problem.

Oh, I have passed out so many quarters to *** whiny customers that are. to *** to realize they'll get their quarter back. Then there are the ones who complain about paying .06 or .10 for a friggin bag.

I've come to the conclusion you can't please everyone no matter how hard you try.

For those of you that have nothing good to say, don't try to spoil things for others who know how to "deal with things"


Because of the droughts in California


Just what are you the sales police. In case you haven't noticed, prices on everything, all over are going up at an astronomical rate. It has been this way for a couple years.

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