Saint Charles, Missouri

the cat litter is just not scoopable , when I scoop the boxes, ti just brakes apart and goes back into the boxes and stinks to high heaven !! it clames to be multiple cat formula and fresh scent 99% dust free .

and scoopable . Please change your formula the way it used to be it was fine , and now it is very poor not good , I am very dis satisfied. Fine Feline?

not!!!Have you changed your formula? YOu had to because it is just so bad and My cats boxes need to be changed completly every other time that I scoop them whisc is every other day , it never was like that before ,I used to be very satisfied with this product , but now I am not and nither are the cats.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I have used this litter for three years and liked it.....until now.

The litter I bought recently is nothing like the litter that I have used previously from Aldi's. What a mess!!

The litter won't clump, making clean up a headache....I have had to clean out the litter box and start over. Please Aldi's, if you have changed your litter source, go back to the former source.

If the formula has changed, go back to the former formula. Please fix this mess!!

Judy Park

Bristow, VA 20136


I am online to find out where I got Fine Feline.

Aldi and I like it. With 8 cats its a great buy & clumping fine. I read a review & maybe it was a bad batch because I am having good reviews from the cats.


Bring the jug to Aldi and try a new one. They have a great policy.

From time to time they have bad batches of things.

Like any store. Good luck!

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