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I recently purchased a bag of Clancy's Corn Chips "original type" from Aldi's in North Port Fl,--"sell by 07/22/16"--code #271 23:01FP"--They were not good.There was so much remaining oil in the product that you could not eat the chips without getting an extremely large amount of oil all over your hand.They were like straight out of a fryer before the oil had dried off.I wont buy another package--I realize the price was small-but that doesnt relieve you from the idea that they were improperly packaged before the oil was off the product-they were nasty--Thank you-GLWarner-I dont have any more words to comply with my complaint

Product or Service Mentioned: Clancys Chips Original Chips.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They do offer a double guarantee meaning they replace the product and refund you your money. Pretty sure walmart doesnt do that.


Take the product back. Aldi has a double guarantee on all food products.

Don't like it?

Get your money back and another product of equal value! What a system!


Aldi operates on a double back guarantee policy. If you take the product back to the store you will not only get your money back but you can also select another product for free.

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