Columbus, Ohio
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FIRST OFF I LOVE ALDI PRODUCTS BUT THE NEW AND INPROVED BENNERS TEAS ARE SO WEAK NOW TOOK OUT THE CARMEL COLOR THAT MITE HAVE BEEN SOME OF THE FLAVOR. I contacted them and first they said they let Benners know but i have seen lots of complaints on the tea.

They said they would give me my money back plus replace the product. Which is a great feature at Aldi BUT I WANT THE OLD TEA BACK if i wanted Lipton i would have bought it.

They told me they change ingredients from time to time to compete with others. But maybe if they get more complaints they will bring the old tea flavor back

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the bottles are so impossible to open! i once had an entire gym class of seniors guys all try to open it before one of them finally twisted it open but cut his hand raw doing so.


my main complaint is that the bottles are nearly impossible for me to open, I have to have somebody else do it.


I could not agree more. I will not buy aldi green tea anymore unless they change it back.

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