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Came home from work and decided to eat the last piece of pizza we purchased from aldis abouta week ago. Bit down on something hard ...

spit ir out. Looks like a rat or bird claw. Totally disgusting. Talk about a ruined appetite.

Took a photo and put the foreign object in freezer. This is second time we have had a problem with mama cozzi pizza One other time we found a piece of metal in one. Took back to aldis. Not this time.

Calling department of food and agriculture on Monday.

Totally disgusting. No more pizzas from aldis!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mama Cozzi Supreme Pizza Frozen Meal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You should have taken them to court and sued them. My mama told me that a lady had bought a can of spaghetti sauce and found a severed human finger in it and she took the company to court and successfully sued them for alot of money because spaghetti was her favorite food and after finding the finger she could never bring herself to eat it again.


Sorry for your loss of appetite but thank you for sharing that very valuable information! I tend to stay away from prepackaged foods at Aldie and try to only shop there fresh fruits and seasonal items from time to time.


We've eaten MANY Mama Cozzi pizzas from ALDI over the years and have never had an issue. Sorry to hear you have. I too would be disappointed.

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