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My xmas wont be the same, You can't control people but i Thought jobs have rules, I Was dating a person whom for years claimed they love me but that changed when she started working at aldi's,,My life changed in an blink of eye ,I thought aldi was a store not a dating land. I went from giving rides to being taken on one.

My ex is now the manager sleeping with the cashier,full on and everyone knows .Thanks Aldi's for allowing your managers to date coworkers its a good look for your company.

Maybe now i will look for my soul mate there i will fill out an app..Thanks India smith for giving Aldi's a good name.. Yours truly Irovy W.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

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How can they run a business like that. Its against policy all parties involved should be terminated . Happens all the time though usually its managers sleeping with employees sexual harassment could be bad for Aldi business .Some of us learn the hard way .


Same thing is happening to me. My husband was hired as a MT and has a female SM training him.

She knows he is married with kids and she is also married with kids. She has no problem calling and texting at all hours.

Most recently she knew he had to be off for my surgery and he was called in to work. I don't know who to report this too.


Hey she could be sleeping with the manager to get extra money. It may not be love at all. She could be using that money to buy you a Christmas gift.


It isn't anybody's business who is sleeping with whom. You got jilted, get over it.

I know several people who slept their way into management positions.

It's a face of live, if people want to be promoted that way, instead of on their own abilities. If your romance was meant to be, it would be.


What store is this recently got fired for being sick Aldi's suck


I'd like to be bonein the managers to great benefits


This is a topic i truly understand your concern for the company ,and rules seem to be broken , but no need to post heart broken things like this shouldn't happen but they do all the time,, all parties involved including managers should be FIRED :?


This post is glaringly obvious why you were dumped. To post on pissed consumer because you're jilted and your ex has moved on with someone else is truly pathetic of you. Grow up


Funny alex tht jilted

Was your word .. i guess its ok for managers can do cashiers , i guess they are doing there job


Im not jilted more like who is running the store .You wouldn't want your company staff messing around problems in work place which causes problems at home but u looked at a fact not the point


Wow :(


Sorry sweetheart for your loss, if they are Really doing so corporate should be held accountable for any inappropriate behaviors that should go on . :(

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