Toms River, New Jersey

My husband and i went food shopping at aldi food store on rt 37west toms river nj 08755 on saturday feb. 16, 2013 at 5:00 pm we checked out at register 2 and we had a large order as usual we have a large family and we both like the savings we save at this store we shop on a regular basis at aldi, but this shopping trip the cashier at checkout seem to be very rude she said that all the grociers would not fit back in the cart so i said thats fine if we could use the empty cart she had behind her i would bring it right back as soon as i un load the cart she ignored me and put my grociers on the counter were people pack up their grociers and continued to do so i told my husband to stand by the counter and watch our grociers so no one would walk away with them mind you we were not done with checkout yet, so i paid for my grociers and walked away.

She had only two customers behind me then she walked to the other cashiers register and spoke with her back towards me to the other cashier, and the other cashier listened and laughed and looked at me. I was speaking to my husband about how rude she was and how un professional she was presenting herself with her cocking attude. She out loud said mam do you need to speak to a manager ill get one for you. She got me so upset and embaressed i said yes i do want to speak to a manager.

I spoke with a female manager and told her the situation and she apolized for her rudeness and walked away. As long as i been going to aldi i never had any problem with any of the cashiers in that store.

I wish someone would teach her public communication especially dealing with the consumer. I would hate to have to go shopping at another location just because of one rude and unprofessional employee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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ALEXA is the best cashier! sweet, calm and awesome


We are not supposed to lend our cart believe it or not I do at time and get into a lot of trouble cause you might be an honest on but tons of others are not they will just run off with them when we aren't looking and we can be written up for stuff like that


Big deal get over it..use another cart


The cashier was wrong in how she behaved. The customers were not rude.All the cashier had to do was ask them if they can get another cart, or let them use the extra cart and return it when they were finished.

These people were not rude, they come to the store all of the time and never have this kind of treatment, and no-one should be that way to anyone. The cashier represents Aldi and should never treat people badly. These customers are the ones who sign her check, so be kind.

If a customer is rude, nicely let them know that you are trying to be helpful to them, and if that doesn't work, then get the manager. Thank you!


You know they do not have bags or a counter to put your groceries in. You also should have sense enough to know they are not going back into the cart the same way they went in.

YOU should have been ready with another cart before you went to checkout. What is wrong with people?


I don't think everyone understands the magnitude of our Economy here.... You will survive EVERY trip to the store and YES!!

from time to time may get negativity...I think it fair to say YOU have never worked there and have NO idea what ALDI is about.

My sincere apologies for anyones bad day why? because they were hurt saving ALOT of money!


What are grociers? Never heard of them!


Your complaint doesn't make any sense. If you wanted to use another cart one or the other of you could have went and got one.

I have seen couples using two carts several times. I have also seen just one person using more than one cart. Just because the cashier went and spoke to another cashier and that cashier laughed doesn't mean it was about you. You really should re-read your complaint because of some of the spelling, lack of capitals leaves a lot to be desired.

Just what did you expect the manager to do---give your groceries free or something? You got an apology, now grow up.

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