Springfield, Illinois

This has happened two times in 2 months. When there is a large number of items being purchased, the cashier sneaks in an extra item in the charge.

Once we had some vegetable costing 4$ another time it was bag of apples costing 4$. It was just too weird that cashier immediately upon asking said it was mistake and refunded the money but it has happened twice and only on big orders and usually it is same person.

Makes me wonder how many other people had similar experience. If they did this for few customers each day they would be minting

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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I work at Aldi in Michigan. Though I can't speak for another person, it is unlikely that they are 'sneaking' items on your bill.

There is really no reason for someone to do that, we get no extra money for you buying more items. However, our system does make it very easy to make mistakes.


I am having a hard time believing that when I read all these complaints from people that customers think they are the only ones allowed to make mistakes. People always expect perfection from others, but when they themselves make a mistake they expect forgiveness.


It's obvisious from your comments that you either work for Aldi or know someone who does. Face it, all companies make mistakes and should take ownership for their mistakes.


It is obvious from your comment that you are an ***. I neither work for Aldi nor do I know anyone who does.

My comment stems from reading hundreds of comments on websites like these from *** people who think they are entitled to be a *** to people who work in retail.

And the cashier did own up to her mistake. She refunded it.


My first time going was last night and it was awful. The other customers were very nice.

The cashier was multi tasking. She was the stocker, cashier and janitorial person. So, she left a few times as I was unloading my groceries on the belt. She came back probably with dirty hands.

It was disgusting. I did my grocery shopping then unloaded, she then loaded the groceries into another cart and then I unloaded them to bag the groceries and then back into the carriage. To much time being wasted. Anyways, when I got home I noticed I was charged for 4 milks when I only got 3.

Then instead of her scanning each item she doubled scanned the most expensive ones. I bought 2 chickens one for 5.53 and the other was 4.52 but I was charged 5.53 twice. I paid an additional 1.01 for the chicken.

When you shop at ALDI make sure you watch carefully and check your receipt. :( :( :(


I work at Aldi it is impossible to double scan any meat items they each one has a seperate bar code because they are different weights. Good try though


Dont be rude to the cashier or you will pay for things u dont want


How can a cashier add extra items,if there isn't any extra item to scan?


I can tell u why u got overcharged. It is because all cashiers that work at aldi need to know their nlu codes.

So there is about 100 codes for vegetables and fruits they need to know and each time when a custumer is buying vegetables or fruits a cashier has to key in that number on their keyboard which is sometimes a four digit number. Most of the time it is a two digit number, which all cashiers need to know in their head. And simply by missing one number a custumer can easily be billed for something else. For example a cashier hits number 20 instead number 2.

That custumer will be billed for baby carrots instead of onions.

Or in your case u got billed for apple's. Hope this might help.


There are no excuses for making multiple mistakes. I have done some research on ALDI and they treat the customers and employees terrible.

There are a few comments on here which are probably employees of ALDI. Maybe, cashiers would not make mistakes if they were not being timed. That would give anyone anxiety.

No matter what the circumstances there should not be this many mistakes and needs to be investigated. :(


Please don't think that the cashier is stealing money from you..that is not the case . Aldi cashiers are timed when they scan items and sometimes in rush they will miss a number on their keyboard and make a mistake.


@adna--it doesn't make any difference to me if the cashier pocketed the money or not. Either way, I got ripped off!


I am not the original poster of the complaint, but I can assure you that they can add extra items to your bill. I am going through this with them right now.

1st time they did it to me the cashier added red delicious apples onto my bill--I didn't buy any apples that day, nor any other produce. Obviously, they just have to punch in a code. 2 weeks later I went back to the same store (not all that far from you, by the way--just down I-29) and I bought like items and was charged for 10 like items. It is only a dollar, but dang, it is MY dollar.

It is not worth driving all the way back there as the gas would cost more. FRUSTRATING!!


I wanted to correct my post above due to an old keyboard.

The sentence should have read"...I bought 9 like items and was charged for 10 like items." :(

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