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6/17/16 between 5 or 6 pm there was a female cashier in the 5th lane & before I walked up to the line with my cart the cashier rolled her eyes at me & never met me. Well let's just say I payed her no mine.

My husband walked up with me we got in line. I started loading my food on the counter but he went to the restroom. As it was my turn for my food to be loaded up. She looked at me & said with a nasty tone " you can bring your cart around here.

I'm like are you sure. Now remind you I just watched her remove an empty cart she already had. So I swing mines around. Normally there is a cart already there your food loads.

Then the next customer gets your cart & it's like a cycle revolving anyways. Well my husband comes back. I'm like I have to go to the bathroom but I'll hold it. He's like no go.

Anyhoo! I'm come back she's ringing up the money pulling out the receipt & I grab the cart of food as she's giving my husband the cash back & receipt & looks at me & say mam, wait I need to give you the bags. I puzzled & looked at my husband & said how many bags did you get. He responds not many.

But when I tell you she counted the bags slow. I seriously mean slow motion like a a sloth. I honestly knew she was doing this on purpose. Now to inform you I'm a regular customer who shops there all the time.

I was very pissed. Normally, I walk off with the cart of food & my husband brings the bags to the side & we bag the food. I've never had an issue like this period. I mean her attitude was very nasty.

You could feel her nastiness. Look, even the ppl in line got quiet and looked.

I walked to the side with my husband & he said what was that all about. I spoke loudly I said I don't know.

But she rolled her eyes way before I got in her line. I was like what got me was she could've gave u the bags. What was the big attitude for. I am really disappointed and seriously about to find another food store to shop.

This was one of the reasons at another grocery store I didn't like shopping there too. A lot of these cashiers go to work & talk to good customers like ***. I mean is there a policy stating you can not walk away with the food cart & your spouse is actually standing there waiting to get the bags.

I just don't understand at all. Maybe someone can answer this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aldi Grocery Pros: Prices.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Rude employee, Rude customer service.

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I never have drama like this when I go to stores... guess I am lucky


Wow, that's crazy I read your review. The cashier didn't have to respond to you nasty like that.

I didn't see nothing wrong about the bathroom issue. Ohm, there was still one of you there lol. But you handled it fine by not saying anything to her. Especially when you mentioned you can feel the attitude before you got in her line.

Lmao, I read your review & understand some ppl just don't until they experienced a rude cashier.

But hey, glad you post this. Try another ALDIS & again I do understand.


If you go to two grocery stores and have problems, the one thing is common is YOU. Sounds like you and your husband were not ready to check out, but you got in line anyway.

Why didn't you both go to the bathroom before getting in line?

Why didn't your husband know how many bags he got? Sounds like you just created problems here.



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