South Bend, Indiana

I am a cashier at Aldi. It is so disrespectful to yap on your cell phone and pretend we do not exist as we are processing your order. My mom used to send me to the corner store to get a loaf of bread. There was no discussion about it. I came home with a loaf of bread. I did not go to the pay phone and ask one thousand questions about the loaf of bread. The aisles are blocked up with people blabbing on their phones with no regard to other shoppers or employees trying to get around them. It is like someone on their cell phone has no cognition of anyone around them.

Of utmost concern is when customers are more concerned with their cell phone conversations versus minding their children. On more than TEN occasions I have had to stop my register and chase after children who have played dodge with the electronic doors and have either gotten trapped in the exit space or have run out into the parking lot. Yes, I have to wait on customers and make sure of safety. And I have retrieved children and brought them back to their parental units who were totally unaware that I had done it.

I have had to corral children making messes in the bathroom, climbing on fixtures, sitting on bread, munching on candy or helping themselves to other snacks while mom or dad is distracted with the phone. That raises everyone's prices: have to report loaves of bread, candy, snacks as damaged; have to clean up their wrappers, discovering what they munched on and pull out the broken packages, spend extra time cleaning their spills and messes!

The bagging counter is not a playground for your children while you are busy on your phone. The windows are not meant to be licked, either. When I see it happen, I try to stop it and most parents are not even phased by it. How many other kids licked the windows and licked up the cleaning solutions? Do these kids lick their own windows at home as well..just wondering.

Turn off your cell phones and just enjoy what could be a wonderful shopping experience of interacting with your friends, neighbors, store employees, etc. As an employee I work so hard to please and when you have the cell phone distraction I see it not as only a safety issue but something that stops me from doing my job the best way.

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Completely agree with you. Being a cashier is not as easy as some think. Now add in people that are rude, hold up lines by talking on the phone just adds to the stress and delays.


yeh, it's like everytime i go into the greeensboro',s high point rd store, i see the same RUDE, HATEFUL black lady on her "bluetooth" phone , and actually talking while she is "considering" working. She can't even do that right!!

she is hateful to most, but actually i think she is racist, because i see her being friendy to most black people, but asain's and caucasian she cannot stand!! what is up with her!!! her name is stated on the receipt.. "GWEN"...

how is she still employed there. she has been rude to me and my mother NUMEROUS times, and i am tired of it, and have told all of my friends to not shop there due to her!!!!!!!! why dont they fire her.

It's obvious that she is slow compared to the other employees, and hates most "non-blacks".... so who is the racist now!!!!!!!!!!!


I completely agree with everything you said. I work in retail and I get so many customers on their cell phones and they act like I don't even exist.

It's so rude and disrespectful. I could never imagine myself acting like that.


I try not to be on the cell phone when I'm out, unless it is an emergency. There have been a few times where my husband has called me when I'm going through the checkout, but at the time he was in Afghanistan and I rarely got to talk to him, so I wanted to answer. Also, I always keep an eye on my kids as well.


I just want to say the people are very rude and also very dangerous on their cell phones. They are used in inappropriate places such as church, sunday school, stores and most dangerously in vehicles. police should be able to arrest people on cell phone just like they would if they were drunk (they are just as dangerous)

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