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I have on a few occations been told of because I am not quick enough to remove my groseries, I am working on 1 lung only and 70 years old as so am may bee a little slower than the 20 year you got working for you, have told that to your check out person and been told to bring someone younger to help me, DOE'S THAT MEAN THAT OLD AND DISABLED PEOPLE CANT SHOP AT ALDI ?????????or is it just your personale that is rude and not caring, or is that the policy of Aldi all together, I would like to know.


Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work at Aldi and in our store we are trained to help older or disabled customers to load the groceries on the belt for them and to be friendly and patient . Our DM would write us up if we would not help customers or if we would be rude. I apologize for my coworkers.


I do not enjoy the following offerings of Aldi:

1) Rude treatment of customers from employees

2) Groceries damaged when thrown into the buggy at check out

I am not surprised at all that they practice age and handicap discrimination. I recommend that you consult a lawyer and cash in.

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