Wood River, Illinois
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I was at the Wood River, Illinois Aldis today and did my shopping and went to check out. I hadn't

seen this crew cut blonde checkout guy before so I assumed he was new. He checked me out ok

BUT I was the only one that said THANK YOU. Isnt it their place to say THANK YOU and /or HAVE A

GOOD DAY after you just spent money there? I think it is. I think THAT is good customer service.

As I was packing my stuff I watched and listened and he seemed to say THANK YOU to others behind

me that he checked out. THAT alone made me feel AS IF there was some reason WHY he didn't feel

the need to say THANK YOU to me or be a bit more hospitable. I look for stuff like that when I am

shopping at a store. I am a stickler for GOOD customer service. I KNOW what good customer service

is and I expect it as I use to work in a store and ALWAYS tried to give good customer service to customers.

I mean, after all, its the customers that are keeping that business in business is it not? IF I feel like Im

being singled out by not being treated like every one else then I may not go to that store and spend

my money and if I don't spend my money there then that contributes to a loss for that store. If everyone

started to feel as I do then that would eventually mean a big LOSS for that store and eventually put

that store out of business. Am I right? Good customer service is the bedrock for any business

staying in business. I hope to not have to be checked out by this new blonde guy again. They will hire

a 'kid' like that that does not give good customer service BUT they wouldn't hire someone a little older

such as myself WITH good customer service. THAT alone makes me SO mad with Aldi's.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Im sorry BUT if your employee is going to treat me with disrespect and not give me good customer service then my only sollution is for you to get rid of him. Sorry. Hire older workers that have good customer service and not just young kids. .

Aldi Grocery Cons: Rude employees.

  • poor accountabilty
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Ummm you're just a tad bit too sensitive in my opinion.


Any young person old enough/mature enough isn't a "kid." They are a young adult. Maybe you are too old to work there.

Good customer service means that you get served, not that an employee has to fall all over themselves, thanking you or saying have a nice day.

In fact it annoys me when a stranger tells me to have a nice day, because I know good and well that a complete stranger could care less whether or not I have a nice day. My opinion is that employees now are way too friendly.


Ah, so you were passed over for a job there? That's what I gather from your last couple of sentences.

Sounds like you were looking for a reason to be angry. Why else would you hang around for so long after your transaction was complete so you could hear how the next few people behind you were spoken to. Maybe he did say thank you and you did not hear him.

Next time just get your stuff and leave when you're turn is over and then you won't hear how anyone else is treated and you won't have anything to worry about. THANK YOU.

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