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That is the WORST butter! Nice container, I guess it tastes like butter, BUT, it doesn't disolve right, like butter should.

You try putting a dab of that butter in hot water and see what it does. Just does not mix well with other things. Please take this butter off your list! Just does not disolve!

I hope you have other complaints on this product because it is terrible. I am ready to throw all six containers I bought from Aldi's out to the garbage.

This is a terrible product and should not be distributed by Aldi's. I have had good luck getting products from Aldi's, but this one sucks!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: I liked.

I didn't like: Countyside creamery butter.

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I just bought Aldi's Butter with canola oil. It tastes like old, rancid canola oil.

I am returning it and I will go back to Land o Lakes butter with canola oil. More expensive but always tastes good.


I love this Butter. It is everything we look for in Butter.


The butter has a weird texture to it. i

It doesn't melt on toast.

When you leave real butter out it melts but not this butter.

I prefer spending alittle more for the real thing. I always say there are certain items you can buy from Aldi's and certain items you can't .


I bought the butter with canola oil (SB173/276-Z)

it’s rancid. Best used by 3/1/18.

Don’t buy this butter! Fist time I have gotten a bad product from Aldi’s..

Alexandria, Virginia, United States #1344201

Maybe it consists of palm oil ? I buy Half and half for morning coffee onlyfrom the same company, but have suspicion How to test the Aldi dairy products? Probably I switch to TJ organic cream.


Bought countryside creamy butter in the sticks because land o lakes is so expensive and it is very good butter and much cheaper

Roselle, Illinois, United States #1255428

I have been buying Countryside Creamery butter from Aldi for years now. The taste is good and price is the best you can find for butter.

By the way, look at box, ingredients as stated, are : pasteurizd cream, salt. Contains milk. Distribued by Aldi Inc.

Batavia , Il. Aldi's products are very good.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1213720

Don't know or care who did the reviews because I just tried it,and the taste was the exact same as the butter I am currently using.The other reviews must be from a competitor.Go Aldi!.


Well, I think this is the BEST butter ever, with the options of cinnamon and garlic butter. The former for pancakes and the latter for the best sandwich me and my wonderful girlfriend make every weekend out at the pool.

That makes the sandwich with all of our other additions. We rely on this butter because they are rare.

Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, United States #1146019

I have bought products like this from Land o Lakes, but this one melts into a fake yellow color and I'm wondering if it's not really butter, but margarine. That is how margarine looks when it melts.


It's BACK! Aldi must have listened. And, it's as good as ever.


Read the label. It contains Canola oil, so it won't melt as butter will.

to Anonymous #1369710

Same thought here...that's what led me to Google it.

to Mg #1369712

Actually this reply was posted under the wrong comment. As you are clearly not talking about their butter.

I think this is margarine being passed off as butter.

Tje ingredients are as follows:pasteurized cream natural flavorings (wtf is that)contains cream. Singe contain salt as well.

Victor, New York, United States #1047571

Countryside creamery tastes like butter (original) is the worst product ever!!! Please bring back this product as it was before you changed the packaging.

The old packaging was a different product and was GREAT. It did taste like butter, and it dissolved like butter. This new package and new product tastes terrible, and it does not dissolve. It actually turns a white color when it is dissolved.

This is a TERRIBLE PRODUCT. Pleaser get rid of it !!!


Have tried all of the products looking for one to replace Countryside creamery tastes like butter in yellow & red round container. Nothing compares to taste, spread ability, or melts like it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!


I couldnt agree more with your comment.


Our local Aldi's has discontinued carrying this item, and we ARE very disappointed! I was hoping to find where I could purchase the Countryside Creamery Tastes like Butter by the case. Weve tried other products that taste like butter,not even real butter tastes good in comparison to Aldi's product.


I had thought that the product was equal to the most expensive brands until I purchased one in its new squared container. This product is now hard to spread and melts in a strange manner.

I had one of the round containers so I compared the ingredients.

They are dramatically different. Attention manufacturer.........Go back to the old product!

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