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That is the WORST butter! Nice container, I guess it tastes like butter, BUT, it doesn't disolve right, like butter should.

You try putting a dab of that butter in hot water and see what it does. Just does not mix well with other things. Please take this butter off your list! Just does not disolve!

I hope you have other complaints on this product because it is terrible. I am ready to throw all six containers I bought from Aldi's out to the garbage.

This is a terrible product and should not be distributed by Aldi's. I have had good luck getting products from Aldi's, but this one sucks!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aldi Grocery Pros: I liked.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Countyside creamery butter.

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This is a completely bogus review, the butter ingredients match perfectly to any other sticks of butter bought from any other grocery store. This is an invalid review.


Why did they get ride of Kerry Gold for this


We have been buying Countryside Creamery butter sticks from ALDI for a long time. Several months ago the color of the butter changed from almost white to a deep yellow. I suspect they are now selling us margarine marked as butter.


Deep yellow shows it is from grass fed pasture, "white butter" in the US isn't real butter. The yellow butter comes in from ireland, far superior quality.

What you have now is same as kerrygold. Well done aldi!


Tastes like butter is NOT Butter as indicated in the name. We bought this to replace butter.

It stays the same consistency as butter when left out.

No liquid accumulation as in other butter substitutes . We give it 10/10


I use Countryside REAL butter all the time. IT works great as good as any name brand butter.

Butter must not be confused with the "Butter products" made with different oils.

THey do not work the same even if they claim to. BUtter is cream and milk


I think we are discussing different products. The real butter comes in sticks not a container.

IT is not made with anything except milk,cream,salt. Other "butter" products in tubs or sticks made with various oils do not work like butter and need a certain percentage of fat to bake correctly. My complaint with the real butter is with the packaging. Unsalted butter is wrapped in redlettered wrapper in a blue box and salted butter in blue lettered wrapper in a red box.

Why not match the inside packaging with the box. WHen in a hurry Ihave grabbed the wrong stick not a big deal but annoying!


Has anyone baked with their unsalted butter sticks? I always buy Land O Lakes but it can get quite expensive for the amount of baking I do, especially around the holidays.

Today I was reading their weekly flyer, saw the price so I decided to look it up. Gotta say, I'm not too impressed with what I've read thus far but then again, only one review spoke of the sticks yet no mention of using it to bake. One more question about another item they sell. In the same flyer they have an ad for an 8oz pkg of cream cheese.

At first glance it appeared to be the Philly brand, (SO sneaky of them!) but of course it's not. Again, the price point is great. I could get two for the price of one of Philly's even with theirs on sale. Questions are...

has anyone tried it? Does it taste like Philly's? Has anyone used it in their baked goods/or to make a cream cheese frosting?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Ina C

Hi Tammie. I haven't used their unsalted butter, but have used the salted cubes with great success in making my toffee.

I don't understand the complaints because if you buy the butter it is only cream and salt. It melts and blends with the sugar beautifully in cooking.


Tammie, I have used butter, cream cheese AND bought 5 quarts of their half and half( good creamer for coffee).......never a problem! Last quart of half and half after 3 weeks in fridge...still fresh!


Hi, I have used their salted sweet cream butter instead of land o lakes. My butter cookies came out delicious.

My daughter always uses the unsalted sticks for her baking and her deserts come out great. I actually bought the Costco Kirkland brand and my cookies didn’t taste the same. Had to go back to Aldis brand.

Tasted so much better. I have also used the salted butter for kolackys.


I just bought Aldi's Butter with canola oil. It tastes like old, rancid canola oil.

I am returning it and I will go back to Land o Lakes butter with canola oil. More expensive but always tastes good.


That's the "spreadable" in the tub. Try the real butter, in the green wrapper.


I love this Butter. It is everything we look for in Butter.


The butter has a weird texture to it. i

It doesn't melt on toast.

When you leave real butter out it melts but not this butter.

I prefer spending alittle more for the real thing. I always say there are certain items you can buy from Aldi's and certain items you can't .


I bought the butter with canola oil (SB173/276-Z)

it’s rancid. Best used by 3/1/18.

Don’t buy this butter! Fist time I have gotten a bad product from Aldi’s..


Maybe it consists of palm oil ? I buy Half and half for morning coffee onlyfrom the same company, but have suspicion How to test the Aldi dairy products? Probably I switch to TJ organic cream.


Bought countryside creamy butter in the sticks because land o lakes is so expensive and it is very good butter and much cheaper


I have been buying Countryside Creamery butter from Aldi for years now. The taste is good and price is the best you can find for butter.

By the way, look at box, ingredients as stated, are : pasteurizd cream, salt. Contains milk. Distribued by Aldi Inc.

Batavia , Il. Aldi's products are very good.


Don't know or care who did the reviews because I just tried it,and the taste was the exact same as the butter I am currently using.The other reviews must be from a competitor.Go Aldi!.

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