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On all of Aldi's products you find "100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" (No more 'Double money back'). On July 03,2012, I attempted to return approx.

10 unopened items- 3 of them where the same kinds(Barbecue Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Lemon Pepper dressing and Graham Crackers). The rude manager Marcus @14708, Mack Ave in Detroit, MI disregarded the 'policy' and what I believe to be a violation of the FTC/Consumer rights laws by blatantly refusing my request to exchange/return the items. I spend over $500. every month at AlDI's and I have 3 of my children shopping there for their family EVERY MONTH spending over $1,200.

ALDI's loss will be greater than the exchange or return of "10 items" and what I believe to be a violation of law-I'm looking more into.

Now, this complaint is not to say that ALDI's all around business practice is like the aforementioned, how- ever, even though 'one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch' it does tell you about the environment the others are exposed to.

Poor managerial training can take an entire company down!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

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This is legit. It says if for ANY REASON you are not satisfied.

Maybe he got home and in his lighting the ketchup was too red. Doesn't matter.

They say money back and new product,of course UK if u don't like it then u don't have to take another bottle. That is illegal.

False advertising, and basically lying and whatnot because it's an agreement u make when you purchase the product. This manager should be reprimanded by corporate.


Why bash the company by putting your *** review here online for one small problem?

All you had to do is call Aldi's 1 800 number.

Aldi is a is affiliated with Trader Joe's who is known for their top notch customer service. If you had a problem, they would have surely helped you & made you happy.

You're wrong to post the review here online instead of calling the company for a resolution and giving them the opportunity first to help.

I'll bet there is more to your story that you're not telling. You sound like a problem person who complains regularly -probably to get free stuff!


10 unopened items. *Un*opened.

That means you couldn't have tried those items and been unsatisfied with them. Owner seems within policy there. (Any "rudeness" notwithstanding, of course.

Gotta be polite even to customers you might not want to see again.)

I'm about to take back a bag of salt & vinegar potato chips that were very plain, with no salt or vinegar, but we opened and tried the product. If you take back an unopened product, I'd expect at most a refund of the purchase price, not a refund *and* replacement, and I'd consider that refund generous.


Looks like the manager did an excellent job spotting a low life shop lifter trying to return items he had stolen. 3 bottles of ketchup, buddy.

No one needs that much kethcup and this is coming from a guy that drowns certain foods in ketchup. As for your "knowledge" of the law, you have no idea what you're talking about.

A store does not have to take returns, legally speaking. Go back to the trailer and try again Bass.

@b*** is an ***

She said or he said there were several children in the home what are you an adult right or even a teen ager but kids go through ketchup like crazy they waste stuff the deliberately pour it if they get they're hands on it and they love to dig in the fridge you ever had a toddler buddy


They give you your money back PLUS a replacement product, not double your MONEY back. In your situation, it sure looks fishy to take back ALL those items at once.

And three were the same kinds? Something does not pass the smell test, here.


*** all ya'll


I just got done throwing a bag af potatoes out that where no more then a month old they also staine d my cabinet bottom, and I dont keep all reciepts , but i will from now on.


TO BASS: You must realize that Aldi has never stated double money back. It has always stated double back guarentee.

That means if you dont care for the item you bought they will replace it and give your money back. Its not the stores fault you over bought food. Per FDA regulations any food item that has been purchased and has left the store and returns back, opened or not must be destroyed.

This results in loss to the company because you over bought and increases food prices. Donate it to a food bank or shelter.


Returning 10 items, to get the same 10 items free PLUS your money back on said items is FISHY FISHY!!!

I bought a bunch of groceries at Aldi for my mom. A couple days later, she opens the cream and it is spoiled. I took it back. Aldi's gave me my money back plus a new free cream.

You see, my return was LEGIT, NOT buyers remorse or trying to get a few dollars back to negate the total cost of my groceries.

Good luck with your lawsuit. You sound like a fool. Do let us know how many lawyers laugh you out of their office.


Obviously, you lack comprehension, Jedi, What I said was "no more Double money back". I was not seeking "Double money back".

What I was seeking was honor of its own policy-from the "store he's running". If ALDI'S can't honor the policy don't make it. If you GET YOUR PREJUDICE OUT OF YOUR BACK you could see that's not being dishonest it's expecting

honesty. Don't act like you never returned anything in your life just because you want people to think you've "got a job".- Returning 10 items don't make you jobless, stoop id, or maybe so in 'Toronto & New Hyde Park'.

Subsequently,another Aldis accepted the items.

:zzz :x BigBruce must be employed by ALDI'S,do you live in Pittsburgh or Windber? All 3 must be planted by ALDI'S to make stooopid comments


Well if you are going to buy a whole bunch of things just to get double what you paid for you deserve to have the manager rude to you. He runs a store not a food kitchen, get a job so you don't have to take advantage of this policy. This policy is for honest people, not for those taking advantage of the policy.


"ALDI's loss will be greater than the exchange or return of "10 items" and what I believe to be a violation of law-I'm looking more into" - Oh! Do post this magical law in that requires stores to accept returns and to never change their polices!

BTW, Bass - It must be nice living in Never Never Land. Maybe I'll visit you when I need a break from reality.


Beats working for a living. :grin

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