Boston, Massachusetts
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Hello, During my last visit to your store in Wareham, Massachusetts I spotted a jar of German Style pickles while waiting in line at the check out counter. I was so excited to find such a product.

Being Polish I LOVE GOOD PICKLES! But unfortunately while reading the ingredients today I spotted the word Saccarin! WOW what a disappointment! Here I was thinking that a product from Germany would be pure and not contaminated with a horrible ingredient such as saccharin.

Today more than ever it is a MUST to read EACH and EVERY food label, because you CANNOT trust any company, from any County to provide quality, healthy products. I would strongly advise you to remove saccharin and use good old fashioned Natural Sugar vs. a toxic chemical such as saccharin.

I will certainly be returning this jar of pickles and getting a refund. VERY DISSAPPOINTED!!!

Aldi Grocery Pros: Good prices on most products.

Aldi Grocery Cons: There is usually just one employee in entire store.

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