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What is the payoff for cashiers who double scan a trusting customer? I first saw the error when I got home and I suspect the cashier bet I wouldn't look at the receipt while busily gathering my things and wishing him Merry Christmas.

Of course, Aldi's website makes it a daunting task to explain what happened and then they will suggest you pay closer attention; you can't get away with claiming you didn't get that second item once you have left the store! But what's the angle for the cashier, if the double scan was for his personal benefit?

How does that work? Do they just go get the item that was charged to the customer and then the cashier gets to take that item home free?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $549.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Cashiers attitude.

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You can simply go back to that Aldi with your receipt and explain you were double charged. They will take care of you no questions asked. It is Aldi's policy.


Hello. I actually work at an aldi and would like to address your issue.

As an aldi shopper I am sure you have noticed that we are required to scan items very quickly (by doing this we cut labor costs by not needing as many cashiers and in doing so are able to bring you low prices). Well our registers are designed to help aid us in scanning quickly by being VERY sensitive! As a cashier I know to be on guard and watch that items do not get scanned more than once. However it does happen more often than we would like.

I suggest always checking your receipt BEFORE leaving the store and make sure everythING was scanned correctly.

Also the employee does not get any payoff and probably did not even realize it happened. It is just cashier honest error.

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