Rochester, New York
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While shopping at the Batavia store in Batavia, IL. (same town as the corporate office) I encountered the District Manager, Erika Lempa, highly intoxicated.

I was shopping and noticed her making some notes and I had a question about the fresh meat. I approached her and said "excuse me?" She responded by saying "What!" (o.k., kinda rude) but the smell of alcohol so badly it nearly knocked me over! She slurred her words and when she couldn't answer my question she nearly fell as she stumbled away to find someone who could.

By the time I was done shopping I saw her leaving and getting into a silver Toyota (so watch out for her) and drive away. I hoped so much that she would be caught and arrested for DUI, but I don't know if that happened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

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I've also heard that she and Liz Ruffles are sleeping with Chuck Youngstrom. That's how women are treated at aldi. You can keep your job or get promoted if you are a "team player".


Yes, she was removed from the district manager position due to her issues. She still works for the company for now.

She was moved into the corporate office where they can keep an eye on her. I've been told that she only kept her job by being on her knees.


hmmm.. Do you also have a daughter who is retarded?


She is an alcoholic! Also, she does not have the power or authority to hire or fire anyone.

This slutty little tramp made multiple passes at me and several other men and women.

The only one I know of that took her up on this offer was Jon Dana, the director of operations. He's another one that swings both ways.


Yeah right, she's the best DM ever? That's why she was suspended for having sex in the store manager's office.


Stop the slander! Erika Lempa is our best DM.


Coward and has a self esteem problem. Definitely fired for poor performance.


If you look in her car, she has a bunch of those tiny little liquor bottles everywhere.


OMG! I know this district manager.

I recently moved here from Cali. and got a job with Aldi. She was my first DM and I thought California had a lot of lesbians.

She basically told me that I could move up quick if I spent the night with her. I considered it for a split second, but decided that I didn't want to catch anything 'cause only God knows where that thing has been.


:p to all you nay sayers out there.


After this posting, this particular District Manager checked herself into rehab.


Wow, slander much?


I can tell you have been fired by the woman. You are just trying to get her fired. Karma will GET you back, if it hasnt already.


So you can come on here to be a nosey snitch about someone else and tell people to watch out and be safe on the roads. But you couldn't have the decency to call the police on this drunk person.

So you were too worried to snitch them out on an internet complaint board because you couldn't call the police on them. Way to have your priorities in order genius.

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