Elgin, Illinois
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I am handicapped,

I have shopped Aldiss four years. But now not very often,I can not walk very far.

And there is only one Aldiss in Huntley that has only one elec cart!

I went once and had to wait for one and a half hours to use the cart. I have not gone back, please get at least two carts for your

Stores in Elgin 60123-60120

Thank you Nanette

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Purchase elec carts.

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Electric carts are provided as a courtesy. According to the ADA, any business is Not required to provide electric carts.

It is up to that particular business whether or not they want to provide electric carts as well as how many of them. As long as the handicapped customer is able to enter the business, then that business is ADA compliant.

Electric carts also cost money to purchase and money to maintain. The cost of a business providing an electric cart is passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.


This is BS! Just because you can walk in a store does not account for anything.

Many folks can walk a short distance but can stand for more than 10/15 minutes!

You guys are only concerned about the $$ rather than your very old seniors or people with disabilities. This is why I do not shop there and tell others not to!


And what do you do with other businesses that don't offer electric carts? Boycott them too? Here's a solution, get your own electric scooter that you can use to get around.


Then complain to the ADA. Their contact information is found online.


The American Disabilities Act states what I posted in my reply. Since you Do Not like what I posted regarding the American Disabilities Act, complain to them. Their contact information is found online.


Sorry, but you and talking money, not helping handicapped customers !


Again, your complaint is with the American Disabilities Act. Complain to them in writing. Their contact information is found on-line.


Well... It is a fact that it costs money to buy things, and electric scooters Are expensive.

And again, your complaint is with the American Disabilities Act.

So, send them a letter. Their contact information is found on-line

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