East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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My husband and I are handicapped and every time we go to Aldi's there are only 2 electric carts but only 1 of them works. Why don't you have more electric carts and if only 2 why don't they both work?

Also, after shopping and checking out the cashiers are so rude and just take my groceries and throw them back into my electric cart without any care of eggs or bread and crush it all. They act like I am taking up their time and I feel like I shouldn't even go the Aldi's.

Why can't they be more helpful?? I love Aldi's products but not with people like that and without any carts for the handicapped.

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The Aldi i go to has a cashier that smells of booze and it is strong smelling. It is at the store on Pennsylvania in Lansing Mich. Also does that store supply motorized carts for us disabled folks.


In Illinois there are no electric chairs at any Aldi Grocery. Why?

I would shop there but I'm disabled! Why, Why, Why?


I'm trying to find out if Aldi Woodhaven MI has wheelchairs or motorized scooters for disabled to shop in your store.


Never had a problem with my store you are generalizing about one of hundreds of Aldi stores...that being said..being handicapped I have a wheelchair in the car to use if needed.


Lucky you. What if you don't have someone to push you around?


@Kris selka

Then dont go alone ***


Are you sure that both of you have handicaps that require using an electric cart? Not all handicaps require that.

Also stores aren't required to furnish those carts for customers. The Target stores where I live only have two. The one cart that didn't work probably just needed to be recharged. That being said, you and your husband could buy your own power equipment it you aren't satisfied with what the stores provide.

Another thing when I go shopping in a store that has a limited number of the carts, I make sure I am there within minutes of the store opening, so I can be sure I get a cart. For example Being Target opens at 8:00AM, I make sure I am there no later than 8:05.


Here ya go being judgemental again.. Not everybody can afford a $3,000 dollar electric cart...

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.. How bout just leaving these folks alone... Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to ride in one of those carts when you have no other choice? No...

You don't... Or you wouldn't be so cruel..

@Dr Elsa


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