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One thing I have urged ALDI (United States) to do is eliminate foods with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which is becoming the bane of foods from this country due to it's incredible cheapness for manufacturers, because of the generous corn price subsidies given to corn producers in the U.S. This form of sugar is literally killing us.

If you are unaware of the hazards of this product, which today is in just about every American made food product containing sugar, check out one of the countless comments from doctors/nutritionists by Googling "HFAC health impacts". If you too are concerned about the pervasive use of this dangerous and unnecessary form of sugar, let ALDI (and anywhere else you shop for groceries) know you would like to have more products without HFCS.

For example, it's become almost impossible to find a ketchup that doesn't contain it. They've all switched to HFCS because it is so darn cheap, thanks to price subsidies provided to American corn producers, paid for by....our taxes.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Sometimes specials sellout fast.

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So instead of urging them to eliminate foods with high fructose corn syrup, why not encourage them to carry a different option as well, you may get farther with that approach, but you have to prepare for it: gather your information on brands that are a better, healthier option, along with suppliers and prices, then request a meeting with Aldi buyers and present the information in an organized and professional manner, and you might just make a difference. I can guarantee, however, that they are not going to stop carrying the items they already have to replace them with non hfcs choices.

As you said, hfcs is cheap, and that's what a lot of shoppers can afford, so they would not be happy to see a more expensive, if healthier brand instead.

Or you could just take your business to somewhere that already specializes in healthier choices.

I personally can't stand it when people want to push their diet choices off on everyone else. If others who shop there don't care of their groceries have hfcs, that's their business.


Maybe you work at a corn products factory??



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