Kansas City, Missouri
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I was shopping in the Aldi store @ 6415 Troost Ave, Kansas City MO in the rear of the store and noticed a strong cigarette smoke smell coming from the back where the employees get the products. There was a employee in the freezer section and I asked if he was the manager.

He stated "How can I help you?" Never did say if he was the manager. I informed him of the strong odor and he apologized for the smell and said he would address the issue. He WAS NOT surprised at all ! Is this normal for them ???????

It's really sad that you cannot go to the store and not have to breathe in the cigarette smoke. I have allergies and it causes headaches and watery eyes. Lots of people have COPD, asthma, allergies like myself or other health concerns. NOT good for the customers coming to the store to shop.

Don't think I will return to this store .

Reason of review: Poor customer service and It's Illegal to smoke in store.


Aldi Grocery Cons: Customer service.

  • Poor Operational Management
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A manager should act not surprised, and seek to go solve the problem after taki g care of the customer. It could be a smoker, an equipment issue,something chemical, electrical, or who knows what.

Yet at that particular moment, when you just let them know, that person doesn't know what the issue is.

As management we have to be calm and take things in stride. Just because a person doesn't freak out does not mean that there is no concern.


Then don't *** shop there, people are too *** sensitive these days, like seriously get a life.


An absolutely great comment. Its like those wipes for the handles of the grocery carts - wasted in light of the fact the first few times you pick up cans and boxes in the grocery store, you hands and the cart are going to get contaminated again. A germ, smoke, a loud noise, why is earth so difficult on the sensitive people.

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