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Well I filled out a job application. They called me a few days after and asked me a few questions and once I told them I had a small disability, that was it, they never called me back.

I called them back several times and they never returned my calls. This is the store located in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. My advice to anyone who has a disability, don't bother applying for any positions at Aldi's because it seems they don't cater to anyone with disabilities. DISAPPOINTED!!

I really liked the store.

It looked like a nice place to work but unfortunately, I was wrong. My family and I decided to no longer shop there.

Reason of review: employment.

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If you can perform the job duties via means of reasonable accommodation, they aren't allowed to discriminate.


if your disability limits you physically you shouldn't work there....most employees stock(even cashiers stock too) so a minimum amount of speed/muscle/dexterity is needed


Talk to an attorney.


why?? all employees of any business need to be able to answer YES to the following question:

{are you able to perform the necessary requirement of the job?}

if not they need to find job that they are capable of...

" reasonable accommodation"

does not mean they can shirk the core duties

shouldn't have said --- "I had a small disability" if it wasn't on the app you should have waited till it came up----in other words you "talked yourself out of the job" kinda like if asked in job interview if you have any trouble working early morning shifts & you answer-- "i'm not a morning person"

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