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Aldi sold me an expired yogurt on December 2015. Please refer to attachment. the yogurt was expired on 2014 however Aldi stores sold it to me on December of 2015. I ate it and realized it was expired on my first try. Who checks the expiration date in every product they eat?

I contacted immediately the customer service about the issue. They called me back and did nothing. they just asked how was my experience and did nothing else. They said the district manager would call me but he/she never did. Aldi does not care about the customers (at least they did not care about my complaint). I think the least that Aldi should do is refund me the price of the expired yogurt they sold me. Money does not grow on trees. I work hard to get money to buy groceries. I should not be paying for an expired product. My recommendation to customers is DO NOT YOGURT FROM ALDI.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Contact customer service on website not working, Food quality.

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No, I disagree and so does Aldi, just because the consumer picks the product of the shelf, does not mean it is the consumers fault the product is expired, I have occasionally bought expired merchandise, we are all human, therefore we make mistakes. But, no it absolutely is not the consumers who need to make sure a product is expired or not. You should always check labels to make sure of expiration.


They will refund your money if you go back to store and tell them about your experience and I always take portion of "used" product or empty container, no receipt needed!!


I eat that brand. So you want your 39 cents back? Hahahahahhaha!


Actually, YOU CHOSE TO PURCHASE the yogurt. As a consumer, it is your responsibility to select and inspect your own merchandise prior to making your purchase.

This includes confirming expiration dates, package seals, etc. Aldi did not force you to buy "expired" product -- you willingly and voluntarily picked it up off the shelf and brought it up to the register all on your own.


First of all Expired in the FDA's definition does not mean that the food is bad on that date. It means that is a suggested date for the best freshness.

Yogurt in general can be eaten as much as three to four months after the expiration date. It just separates to some degree. Manufacturers don't have to even post an expiration date it just helps stores to rotate inventory. I have eaten yogurt two to three months old and the only problem I have ever noticed is a layer of water on top.

I just pour the water off and it makes the yogurt thicker.


1 & 1/2 years beyond the "suggested date for the best freshness" is far beyond eating, much less expect to see in a stores cooler case. Mr know it all lets see you consume this "well aged" product.

The issue is clearly staff has no motivation or knowledge to rotate stock resulting in the store still being in possession of a product a year and a half beyond the date the store is expected to sell the product by. Few days over the sell by date perhaps, but over 500 days of business for the store and product to remain in the cooler is just inexcusable.


Umm, you're shopping at the cheapest grocer in the nation. Those savings come with a risk you need to leverage, because the cheapest retailers cut their costs by cutting corners.

The very least you should be doing is checking expiration dates!


I too once bought an expired item in a store (Costco). It was pre-cooked chicken.

I did not notice the expiration date till I got home. After speaking with the manufacturer, turns out it had been incorrectly stamped and they said I was fine to go ahead and eat it. I said I was not comfortable doing that, I returned the product unused and got a refund. The company itself also sent me a coupon for a free replacement.

I think with yogurt, had it been that out of date, you would have known immediately it was expired. I am thinking it was a case of being improperly stamped with the wrong year. However, the company should have responded back to you, sent you a refund or a certificate for a replacement and something for your troubles. I do agree, it is always a good idea to check expiration dates before leaving the store.

We can't always remember to do that, it is just a habit you will have to acquire over time. Ultimately, we should entrust our local store to not put expired items out.

But really, they should have refunded you. I will take your letter as a reminder to always remember to check the dates.


This is why you always check eds expiration dates before you buy!

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