Rex, North Carolina

Aldi s is my primary grocery store,but the Ridge Rd. location does not carry all the items I shop for.

About a year ago some executives were walking around the store. I asked if they could possibly add a few items to this store,so I din't have to shop elsewhere. The items I requested were: blueberry bagels,beef pot pies,goetta and sweet potatoe fries. A year has come and gone,but not one of my requested items came to be.

I still have to shop elsewhere. I d rather save time ,energy and money shopping at your store. Please,please help. Also,the cashiers you employ at this location are excellent employees.

Accurate,quick,helpful and friendly. Thanks for them.

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Hello, I was wondering if you could bring back a few items that you have currently had. There was a large container of original rice pudding, spinach spaghetti sauce works really well in homemade lasagna, and the sun dried, lemon pepper, and parmelan tilpia in crusted fish, my whole family and extended family buy it


It's clearly all about YOU:x isn't it? gosh, the nerve of Aldi's! :roll


They can't stock certain items just for you. In order for them to stock those items, a whole bunch of other people would have to request them too.


While I understand the original poster's point, I have tosay that anonymous hit the nail on the head exactly -- they cannot afford to carry products that only one customer or a handful will buy -- that's why they only carry popular products.

Sorry to say you'll be stuck shopping at larger, higher price stores for more specialized items.

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