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...Found a trident gum wrapper cooked into and sticking out of a "L'oven Fresh" Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bagel...distributed by ALDI corporation. A complaint was sent to the Aldi corp stating that this was unacceptable, unsanitary and photos would be posted to facebook and other sites.

...Within less than 30 minutes a rep from Aldi contacted me...with offers of apologies and a $5.00 coupon for future purchases. Needless to say ...the offer was declined as I will never shop an Aldi store again. (wasn't a frequent shopper to begin with...however...this chain is on my blacklist!) The rep stated that Aldi was the distributor and the supplier would be contacting me as well.

hmmmm.... gross!

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Sumter, South Carolina, United States #1266198

would like to know how you managed that in the Myrtle Beach SC store.....they won't be open until winter of 2017

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1243783

Looks to me like it was stabbed in there after the fact.

to Anonymous #1243879

....this is exactly how it was when the bag was opened. vendetta seeking against Aldi...posted for awareness.

Seriously...what would anyone benefit from poking it in after the fact? A $5.00 coupon & a free bag of bagels?!! Woohooo!!!

Big Time Score!! (Eye roll)

to Anonymous #1245547

I don't know why they do it, but this site is loaded with phoney "complaints" about something found in food. Maybe it's ex employees looking for revenge.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #675489

How is that possible? Aldi does not have coupons!!!

to Anonymous Herrin, Illinois, United States #1243872

Actually they do. A coupon was sent along with another 'fresh' package of bagels.


that sure was a big deal by offering you $5

and keep your mouth shut, what could have happened if you ate the bagel?

Doctors charge more then $5.

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