Choctaw, Oklahoma

Purchased at Aldi Grocery in Midwest City, OK. They have changed the lid and the inside safety seal. I am

84 and my friend is 95, and both of us have arthritis. With this change in the product, it is almost impossible for us to open. I tried to contact Aldi's Customer Service by e-mail. Each time I tried to submit

my e-mail, it would pop up with "Enter Salutation"---- which I did four times, changing it each the thing popped up. I was unable to submit my complaint to Aldi. Product label: Friendly Farms Fat Free Hazelnut

Coffee Creamer. UPS: 41498 15919.

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If you open the lid after you take it off use the inside of the top lid and push down on the foil and twist it as you are pushing down. That is the easiest way unless you use a knife and punch *** in the foil. I hope this was helpful.


excellent coffie creamer,pumpkin spice


Not only has Aldi changed the container but the product itself has been changed. Its watered down so I have to use twice as much and the ingredients have changed, it's got much more sodium and the taste isn't near as pleasant.

So, now since I have to use more each time they have essentially raised the price because i'll use more. It's clearly intentional and that didn't use to be what Aldi was about. They have also placed coca cola product in the aisle right next to the aldi brand soft drinks and the coca cola is marked up more than the big box stores sell it for. and it creates the illusion that the Aldi product is incredibly inexpensive.

So now out of convenience people are getting screwed when buyin a coke product and we're being bs ed .

If I eventually decide to buy the big box coffee creamer I will probably do my shopping there as well. A very UNHAPPY long time Aldi customer.

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