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On Tuesday, April 6, 2010, I received my Aldi ad along with my Jewel, Dominick's, and Garden Fresh's ad. On the Aldi ad, it says all sales are from Wednesday, April 7 to Tuesday, April 13.

However, in fine prints, "Prices may vary by location." Not knowing that MY location did not have this applied to their store (meaning the didn't have the sale on the ad), I arrived there with the item not being on sale. On the add, FRONT of the page, says "$1.79 each - Friendly Farms Milk. All gallon varieties. Limit four." After arriving to Aldi today (the one located in Mundelein), Sunday, April 11, the price of the milk is $1.99.

We asked them why it was that price because the ad clearly says $1.79.

Not that they didn't believe us, but because we didn't have the ad and they didn't either, we still bought the milk for $1.99. Even though the prices may vary in locations, I DON'T THINK IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO SAY WHAT ITEMS ARE ON SALE BUT THE STORE NEAR YOU IS NOT DOING IT.

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Aldi ads are clear. They say that each store may vary.

Usually that means from state to state but can also mean from store to store.

Just because it says $1.79 doesn't mean it applies to every store.


If an add says a certain price, I expect that price and not even a penny more.


HAHA, I agree with Irish. $1.99 for milk is STILL CHEAP, and if you can't afford 20 cents.



There is a very simple solution. Tell all your friends and never go back. :)


If you are making a fuss over 20 cents than you need to go on food stamps and welefare.

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