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We just cooked a Mama Cozzi's Pepperoni and Sausage pizza that we bought from ALDI a few days ago. I was almost done with my first slice until I took a *** into a piece of glass. I wasn't sure what it was at first. I was daring and hungry enough to take another *** and got the same loud crunch when I bit down. Upon examination I found a couple pieces of glass. I read in other posts that someone found a metal object in a Mama Cozzi's pizza and another customer found a shard of glass in a pork tenderloin!

I posted pictures on Mama Cozzi's facebook page:

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I had a chicken on my fish cake bro. No joking. It flew out my butt and swam away


I found a green card in mine many. Learn to cook home meal homegirl.


I just bit into a fukkking rock!


Looks like the link aka the proof is not available right now. My guess is you were ordered to take the pictures down because they found out it was a big hoax to scam them of a legal settlement?


I found glass in my window at home you *** liar and troll


@CathleenSlack. What a typical "Cathleen Slack" response.

It is no wonder you don't work for Richelieu anymore, being the job jumper that you are. It's unfortunate that you cannot stick with a company longer than a couple years unless they canned your *** which I certainly hope they did! You are a pathetic excuse for a "manager" with no regard for others, especially in the workplace! You stepped on a few too many people during your short stunt at Richelieu and you are the most two-faced, narcissistic person I have ever met in my life!

Look in the mirror when you talk about "speaking ill", as you did this behind the back's of people at Richelieu daily!

And bitter? Everyone is a little "bitter" about something in their lives. The only people who appear consistently "happy" 24/7 are either retarded, on drugs, or completely oblivious to what's going on in the world.

(aka: Republicans) I cannot honestly think of one good thing to say about you. Think what you want of yourself, but you certainly do not have a "knack for building strong relationships". You are a disgrace to humanity and in today's economy, do not deserve to be employed. I'll bet you do not stay at Fisher Barton Blades for a complete 2 years.

I hope you do not pass all of your horrible traits to your two little boys!! Wisconsin does not need any more narcissistic people like you!


you need to get laid you retard



This is Cathleen Slack. I find it quite cowardly that you don't use your name but are willing to speak ill of me.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you funnel all your negativity and bitterness into doing something positive with yourself.


We found glass shards in two cans of Aldi green beans!


I get emails when someone posts on a thread I post on apparently so just saw your comment. How recently did you find hairs on your pizza?

I have not worked at Richelieu Foods since early May. Unfortunately if you call them to "complain" about the foreign materials you found in your pizza, your call will be answered by either the administrative assistant who is part of the human resources "department" (I quote department because there are only 3 human resources people for a plant that has over 400 employees) or it will be taken by another person who calls themselves human resources and instead of forwarding your complaint to quality control, they will pretend that it never took place. If you've ever heard bad things about Walmart employees "not being paid enough to care about their jobs" please be aware that it is exactly the same for Richelieu Foods. The employees who actually make the pizzas are called "production line" employees.

It is considered general labor and the pay rate is $9.00-$9.50 per hour starting out. They do not get raises very often if ever. So again, these people are not paid enough to care about the food they are working with! Not only that, but was is more sickening is Richelieu Foods has a contract with a Wisconsin State PRISON and has many INMATES who are on work release, so minimum security prison, working right along with their regular employees.

While this may not seem like a big deal to some, imagine being a general labor employee working directly with someone who is a current prison inmate? All these little factors play a huge role in the reason why people from all over the U.S. (as the pizza is sold nationwide) are finding foreign objects in their food. I am a HUGE pizza lover so going into work every morning smelling cheese and pizza was simply amazing!

But nothing can make up for the horrible work environment I was in. There's no excuse for hairs to be in food unless someone PUT THEM THERE! I know this is far fetched but I'd actually suggest you save the hairs, as disgusting as that sounds, in a bag/box somewhere and file your complaint with your state, someone higher up than Richelieu Foods itself, and then submit those hairs to the state so perhaps they can test for dna? (don't know if DNA can even be found on hairs, I thought it could?) Then this could possibly link it back to the employee who put the hairs in the pizza and prosecute accordingly.

Because trust me, there's NO way hairs, especially various different hairs, could end up in pizza unless they were intentionally placed there! I hope this helps you.


We had 5 hairs on one Mama Cozzi's pizza! All the hairs were different and most importantly NOT ours! Won't be buying again!


Hello all, the previous poster is correct. Aldi Mama Cozzi pizza is made be Willow Foods which does business under the name "Richelieu Foods".

The pizza manufacturing plant is in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. I'm a former employee of this hellhole! I'm not surprised to hear you found glass in pizza. I was an office employee so luckily did not work in the plant itself but I frequently was required to walk thru the plant and after seeing the things that go on and people who work there, I will never eat another pizza made by them again.

The pizza they make includes: Aldi Mama Cozzi, Walmart Great Value, Target Market Pantry to name a few. There are many more but these are the main pizzas they produce. Earlier this year in the Madison, Wisconsin news, Richelieu was fined over a quarter of a MILLION dollars for OSHA violations, which are health and safety violations. Some of these include an employee getting his hand stuck in a cheese grating MACHINE.

His hand will never be the same. A woman getting her foot run over by another employee pulling a pallet. She was put on "light duty" and given basic office work to do but eventually the human resources manager, Cathleen Slack along with her cronie, fellow human resources assistant Patricia Sanchez, make a point of finding a way to fire her WITHOUT allowing her to collect unemployment! The poor girl's foot will never be the same and now she has no job or unemployment either!

:sigh The working conditions are outragous. Employees who work the "general labor" jobs and make the pizza on the lines work in freezing temperatures. They wear snowpants and snowsuits, boots, heavy gloves, winter hats, etc because it is so cold! People get injured all the time in the plant and all for a starting salary of $9 dollars per hour!

As if that wasn't bad enough, they hire mostly temporary workers from a staffing agency because then they do not have to pay benefits and they keep their cost down. When someone actually does become a Richelieu employee, only then are they eligible for benefits after 3 months, but most don't take them because they cannot afford them. The plant manager, Jim Rotunno gets a hefty salary of $165,000 per year and this is NOT including bonuses. For what?

Allowing foreign objects in the pizza? The human resources manager is very deceitful. Her and her assistant, Patricia Sanchez implemented their own "attendance policy" as well as some other policies they created with permission from corporate who doesn't care. (corporate is in Boston, MA and every plant operates individually) They created policies with the intention of firing a ton of employees so they could hire temps.

In a one month period, 58 full time employees were fired for reasons that to me did not call for termination. Consumers have called in numerous complaints over foreign objects in their pizza and management and "quality control" DO NOTHING!

They pretend to care as they take the calls but they sweep it under the rug and these consumers never receive any kind of refund for their pizza or any resolution. Hopefully the next time this disgusting company has so many OSHA violations, they will just shut it down and leave these trolls unemployed like the rest of the people they let go to help their bottom line!


Their pizza is made by Richelieu Foods, which was named Pizza Manufacturer of the Year by Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery magazine in 2006, so it doesn't seem like a common occurrence, nor would I say it's the fault of Aldi.


I just found a bone fragment in my meat lovers pizza. It is about half an inch long and a quarter of an inch wide. I almost broke my teeth on this.


I thought I was the only one. I found a bone fragment as well in the pepperoni snack bites.

I'm on here now trying to find out who I need to change McLain too. What's worse I don't know if it's human or rodent.


The shards of "glass" may well just be crystals caused by the dough being expired! If you still have the package an dough check the expiration date.

Then run the dough under hot water, and if the glass dissolve then they are crystals!

We had the same problem with the crescent rolls and spoke directly with Aldi's customer service... Was scary either way but glad to know it wasn't actually glass!

@Crystals mistaken for gl***!

The man said he was eating the pizza. If it were crystals it would have dissolved while in the oven cooking.

So you belive he bit into frozen pizza. If hot water would dissolve it so would a 400 degree oven....


We purchased their crescent rolls and I also discovered a shard of glass in it as well!


So, you bit into a piece of glass, and you were so hungry that you continued to eat a piece of pizza that had glass shards in it? You must be an ***!

And, you paid more for an off-brand, frozen pizza at Aldi than you would have paid for a Digiorno, or Freschetta frozen pizza at Walmart. You must be a double ***!

John N

I assume you contacted Aldi's. What was their response?

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