Overland Park, Kansas

I just cooked a half of mama cozzis frozen pizza and choked. I choked on a hard blue piece of plastic.

I bought this pizza in Hudson Ny. I tried every which way to contact the aldis I purchased the pizza. Nothing. Cant find a number for the store or mama cozis.

I would like to talk to someone about this. Especially after reading about some of the other things found.if anybody else is having the same problem lets get together and do something about it. We shouldnt haveto just look over this. What if I hadnt had somebody to slap my back?

I may not be writing this. Or one of our kids people. Do we real want to let these people sit back and think there completeley in the clear?

My name is josh white. Im from catskill ny and I for one dont

Monetary Loss: $4.

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>when you find a bit of blue plastic that looks like it's from a grocery bag in your frozen pizza in 2019


Hello all, the previous poster is correct. Aldi Mama Cozzi pizza is made be Willow Foods which does business under the name "Richelieu Foods".

The pizza manufacturing plant is in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. I'm a former employee of this hellhole! I'm not surprised to hear you found glass in pizza. I was an office employee so luckily did not work in the plant itself but I frequently was required to walk thru the plant and after seeing the things that go on and people who work there, I will never eat another pizza made by them again.

The pizza they make includes: Aldi Mama Cozzi, Walmart Great Value, Target Market Pantry to name a few. There are many more but these are the main pizzas they produce. Earlier this year in the Madison, Wisconsin news, Richelieu was fined over a quarter of a MILLION dollars for OSHA violations, which are health and safety violations. Some of these include an employee getting his hand stuck in a cheese grating MACHINE.

His hand will never be the same. A woman getting her foot run over by another employee pulling a pallet. She was put on "light duty" and given basic office work to do but eventually the human resources manager, Cathleen Slack along with her cronie, fellow human resources assistant Patricia Sanchez, make a point of finding a way to fire her WITHOUT allowing her to collect unemployment! The poor girl's foot will never be the same and now she has no job or unemployment either!

border="0" alt=":sigh" /> The working conditions are outragous. Employees who work the "general labor" jobs and make the pizza on the lines work in freezing temperatures. They wear snowpants and snowsuits, boots, heavy gloves, winter hats, etc because it is so cold! People get injured all the time in the plant and all for a starting salary of $9 dollars per hour!

As if that wasn't bad enough, they hire mostly temporary workers from a staffing agency because then they do not have to pay benefits and they keep their cost down. When someone actually does become a Richelieu employee, only then are they eligible for benefits after 3 months, but most don't take them because they cannot afford them. The plant manager, Jim Rotunno gets a hefty salary of $165,000 per year and this is NOT including bonuses. For what?

Allowing foreign objects in the pizza? The human resources manager is very deceitful. Her and her assistant, Patricia Sanchez implemented their own "attendance policy" as well as some other policies they created with permission from corporate who doesn't care. (corporate is in Boston, MA and every plant operates individually) They created policies with the intention of firing a ton of employees so they could hire temps.

In a one month period, 58 full time employees were fired for reasons that to me did not call for termination. Consumers have called in numerous complaints over foreign objects in their pizza and management and "quality control" DO NOTHING! They pretend to care as they take the calls but they sweep it under the rug and these consumers never receive any kind of refund for their pizza or any resolution.

Hopefully the next time this disgusting company has so many OSHA violations, they will just shut it down and leave these trolls unemployed like the rest of the people they let go to help their bottom line! Feel free to contact me with any questions at xxmilw (at) gmail (dot) com

John N

You didn't search too bloody far, did you. A quick search on the Aldi website revealed this way to contact them:

:zzz To contact ALDI Customer Service:

Send us an email: Click Here

Or write to us at:


Attention: Customer Service

1200 N. Kirk Rd.

Batavia, IL 60510

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