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Well, those constantly complaining about this "horrific" experience of a rotten Tomato or nuclear waste in their cheese, should know that Aldi has good customer service and a no-questions-asked return policy. Rather than posting and venting here, you should have contacted customer service and you might be a happy camper now.

In addition, you can not expect the best prices while demanding to pay with credit cards, have baggers stuff your things in plastic bags, carry you to the car and then retrieve shopping carts a quarter Mile away where they might just have left a good size dent in a car. It appears that some do not understand that everything costs money and if they insist on a "great shopping experience" then they just need to add 15 - 50% to their bill. It is that simple.

I have found the majority of Aldi employees quite friendly; this despite high work loads and pressure.

Please think and complain to Aldi rather than making one bad experience a major issue here.

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I was shopping at Aldi and a lady with a Kroger apron checked out ahead of me. I commented to the cashier and she said that several Kroger employees shop at Aldi.

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