Delavan, Wisconsin

I purchased a prime rib roast from my local store for my families Christmas dinner. I was absolutely embarrassed and disgusted when, one by one, everyone stopped eating their meat and started scraping it in the garbage.

More than 1/2 of the meat was either gristle or fat. Normally, I wouldn't have purchased such an expensive piece of meat, but Aldis' price seemed reasonable. Now I know why! The meat was awful.

I went back to the store to get my product replaced only to find out that they no longer carried the item. So, what good is their replacement policy?

Monetary Loss: $24.

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They still would have refunded your money. No loss.

And probably offered something else. I've had several off the prime ribs and found them to be very good quality.


How can a Prime rib roast have grizzel?Type your message here




Have bought their prime rib 2 years in a row. Have always found it WONDERFUL!!


It too good to be true for that price standing prime rib will cost. You get what you paid for. Sorr


I had quite the opposite experience. The roast was terrific and a great value.


I call BS on this !!! I bought two of these , one I cooked for Christmas dinner, along with another rib roast that I bought from Wegmans.

Everyone at the table preferred the Aldi roast.

This was two years ago, since then Aldi hasn't had them .. Very disappointed , also Aldi has taken care of the few issues I've ever had without one bit of trouble


I'm pretty sure they would have replaced it with a comparable item for you. You should have returned it the very next day.

If you can't look at a prime rib roast that is in clear packaging and tell if it's decent or not, maybe you shouldn't be cooking. You would have been able to see it and just shouldn't have bought it.

Even still, when you got it home and opened it, you would have been able to tell when handling it to prepare it. You could have returned it then.


Prime rib was a holiday special, and as they do not raise cattle or slaughter them, how is it their fault? You should have taken it back the next day...and with prime rib, you can SEE the gristle in the meat before you ever buy it.


Seriously ? :grin

You bought cheap prime rib at a discount grocery store and served it to guests at a Christmas dinner.

You should have been embarrassed. Hopefully you learned your lesson.

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