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Today 6th March 2013, I bought a can of compote, apricot in juice, "Sweet Vally" brand, product of China. The taste is sour and like rusted iron.

The color is dark & matte. I paid $1.70 for the can of apricot compote + $4 for bus to go to Chatswood Aldi & back. Now I should pay $4 again to go bringing it back to refund. Totally $9.70 for nothing.

Actually if I remain alive till tomorrow as I fill not well I had abit of juice & a piece of apricot compote.

I have headache & vertigo.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Not their fault you do not have a car, not their fault the item is sour. They are not your mother or the manufacturer, they are a retailer. Contact the manufacturer their number is on the product.

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