Buffalo, New York
Not resolved

got a double drop falls slide from aldi when i got home and open the water slide was not in the box

some one had return it with a bouce houes in it that was old and smelly when back to aldi talked with manger explain what the problem was she said i had to call the 1-800 number i never used it but they would not tak it back real upset $217.49 so my child can be cool and end up with nothing. I think the store should have taken it back and send it to the company

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I agree they should have taken it back if you had the receipt. Was the box sealed? Sounds like it was a damage return to vendor box if there were other products in there.


what you want to do is take them to small claims court, you will have to payto have them come to court if you win they pay the court cost plus you get your money back

not only bad products but they have a quaranty that when you bring something back that you get a new product but they must pay you the full price also call your attorney general and the better business bureau. I am sure you will solve your problem.

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