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I really enjoy Clancy's chips, especially the baked ones. I find that I can do sweet potato chips in my low carb diet but I have aluminum toxicity in my body.

My request is that you begin using a non aluminum foil packaging because aluminum foil leeches into food and is toxic. It causes Alzheimer's & osteoporosis!!!

Two very good reasons to go to wax paper like other foods are placed in. Please please please do this so that I can come back to your delicious products!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clancys Chips Chips.

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This is just a complaint site, you will want to make this request directly to the business.


The "aluminum" coating in the packaging helps keep the chips fresh and moisture-free. Most companies use a combination of polymer materials plus nitrogen to do so.

By the way, there are no studies positively linking aluminum to alzheimers. That's just nonsense perpetrated by some people to scare you.

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