Phoenix, Arizona

I was disappointed to find oranges from South Africa. I love the Aldi stores.

I will only buy fruit grown in the United States. In the past most of the fruit was grown in the states. I don't feel it is necessary for our farmers to not have their produce in our store. Conseguently I often go home without purchasing any fruit.

The grapes from Chile are totally disgusting. I have even had to toss them.

I am not the only one who has felt this way. I hope this imported fruit rots on the shelves of the stores that have chose to not honor are hard working farmers..

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Whoever wrote this complaint isn't too bright.


I love aldi and feel that they offer top quality products at very competitive prices. I use aldi when in florida and only hope that aldi stores open in phoenix az.

In the near future. Ken


You're aware that fruit is seasonal, aren't you? Is not always possible to get fruit domestically.

Stores often source from whatever locale is havena particular crop.

I'm puzzled as to how you've had to toss grapes from Chile since you only buy US fruit. Did you run in a neighbor's house and dispose of theirs?


Fruit and veg has regionality FYI; most retailers are required to carry items as close to year-round as they can... and just so you know US farmers could NOT sell all their produce if it was not for other countries buying a portion of their crops.


want to help the US farmers? Shop at farmers markets.

Good luck trying to get a big corporate office to pay more for their products.

BTW, Aldi is the LAST place I shop for produce....


You are an ***/. Most fruit comes from all over the world at different times of year.

It has been that way for years.

get a life and get used to it. :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz

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