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I usually shop at the Aldi store in Dundalk at 2317 N Point Blvd,

but I was very disappointed today. I had done some shopping that filled a bag and a packet of baking flour that could not go in to the bag.I was also carrying a sleeping two and a half year old child on my shoulder.

I asked the ladies in the store if I could get some help carrying the bag to the car. I was told they did not have people employed to do that. That surprised me because that had happened to me in another Aldi store and the manager offered to give me a hand. The upsetting thing was that one lady, who claimed to be the manager actually felt she needed to tell me she was doing me that favor that particular time but I should not make it a habit.

I responded telling her I had simply asked for a favor and she had the right to say no and not start giving me a lecture in front of a store full of customers. I asked if she wanted me to put the goods back so I could carry my son and she arrogantly answered yes because I was not the only one who had a son, she too had son.

I honestly feel this is poor customer service and very humiliating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

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entitlement crowd,when does it end.


You want 3 star service go to a three star service store.You went to a generic store and you expect what?That is why their costs are low they do not do that.You only have 1 kid,try doing it with 3 like i did.I never had help.Wake him up make him walk he is not a infant.


so you told the cashier she had a right to say no but when told no you acted like a child...hmmm aren't happy with anything are you


She has a point, what makes you think that because you have a child that you should get special treatment. You deserved to be told off in front of other customers. You don`t want to be humiliated don`t think that you should get privileged treatment just because you spread your legs.

@kevin richards

You know as well as everyone else it depends on if shes a hot.


Don't they let you take the shopping carts out to the car? When my kids were that age I went shopping when they were awake and ready to stay awake for a certain period of time. There is absolutely no reason for you be carrying a sleeping 2 1/2 year old around while you shop.

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