Kalamazoo, Michigan
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We've been shopping at aldi's for few years & love

the place & it saves us $$$, no question. & they're

good to employees too, give benefits when employed 25 hours week. Spoke with one young employee who ws enthused with work environment & she plans to work for aldi's till she retires ! I recommend this

store to friends & relatives & they too like it very much. Quality products for decent prices. No

complaints from this quarter. My only wish is there were more stores in places where we travel. We're

very pleased they're expanding & moving into new territory.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Aldi Grocery Pros: Very much, Produce prices, Good variety, Prices quality variety employees, Bread eggs cheese.

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I Do like Aldi, but my only complaint is, after they remodeled, the prices went up, so we don't shop there as much!!!

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