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Love Aldi. Best food, best deals, and great service, usually, except for the Lockport, IL location, where the cashiers wipe boogers from their noses, then touch your food and money.

Not just once, but every single time, whenever you go, they wipe the boogers from their noses, then start ringing up your food. Also bought a box of fruit rings cereal, and out poured the cereal with an 8 inch piece of thick dark hair. Was so grossed out, I tossed the box in the garbage, and never looked back. Also bought the dino fruit snacks, and they had thin tiny plastic pieces in the fruit snacks themselves, and their beef sticks have silica granules in them, enough to be cause for concern.

Not just a granule or two, but a whole molar compressing hundreds of granules. Also found a pieces of plastic compound in the chicken pot pies and their chicken kievs.

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