Indianapolis, Indiana
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You have a fine Product and I have enjoyed it for years, but it is time to step up your game. I have bought your product as I find it comparable to Totinos Party Pizza, and frankly it is cheaper.

Recently Totino's made a change to their product. They changed the shape to a rectangle. The Pizza is tha same size but now I can fit two of them on a pan. Also, they got rid of the box and now it is in a plastic sleeve.

I can now store twice as many Pizzas in the same amount of space. Again, your product is a fine product and I hope you make these changes as well, and soon as I would like to begin Buying it again. Not only do I prefer to pay your price, I also prefer buying your product at Aldi, to buying Totino's at Wal-Mart.

I am sure others feel the same way.

Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mama Cozzi Pizza.

Reason of review: Your Pizza is still round and in boxes See Review..

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Moma Cozzi’s frozen pizza has recently changed their crust to something thinner. It’s ok, but the original crust was better, just sayin’.


Are you kidding?? Seriously??

You’re complaining about the shape of this pizza?? O M G! The day I bought your 4 cheese pizza they were DISCONTINUING this pizza!! I’m broken!

Please bring it back!!

I don’t care what shape it is!! This is GREAT pizza!!


Just bought a supreme mama cozzi pizza baked it and found gross long hairs in it. made us sick just looking at it. What kind of safety standards do you have???

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