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I use to enjoy my shopping experience at Aldi's but lately not so much. I've shopped at the Aldi in Euclid, Ohio but the prices seem to be going up and I still have supply my own bags and do my own bagging. But a cashier named Amber made me feel as though I was...
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I've worked in retail for 25 years and while I certainly agree that a customer should NEVER be treated rudely and never spoken to loudly so that other people can hear a discussion I don't agree with the rest of your posting. We shop at Alid's because of the great...
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OK didn't read the entire post, but I love the last paragraph and all I can say is thank you!!!

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Aldi is a nice place to shop and the employees are very nice except for one at the Niles, Ohio store. She is so mean and nasty and I have witnessed her do this on three occasions. Her name is Chimene and it is unbelieveable that she is allowed to work there. She...
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Bread Review

I bought bread 2 days ago from the Aldi in Baden Pa and just went to use it and there was a small brown bug crawling on one of the pieces. I've never had a problem, but that's gross.
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purchasedParmesan cheese that was unsealed immediately took it back less than an hour after I purchased it, but the store manager acted like it was a huge inconvenience or I was lying and rolled his eyes and pretty much dismissed me with a replacement not even offering...
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